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Q: How do I use the WhatsApp Link Generator?
A: To use the WhatsApp Link Generator, enter the recipient's phone number in the provided field. Optionally, you can also add a custom message. Click the "Generate Link" button, and the WhatsApp link will be displayed. Click on the link to open it in WhatsApp.
Q: Can I include a predefined message in the generated link?
A: Yes, you can include a predefined message by entering it in the "Message" field before clicking the "Generate Link" button. The message will be appended to the generated WhatsApp link.
Q: What is the format of the generated WhatsApp link?
A: The generated WhatsApp link follows the format "https://wa.me/phonenum", where "phonenum" is the recipient's phone number. If you include a message, it will be added as a query parameter, like "?text=yourmessage".
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